Qualitative Study of Family Planning (KB) Village Program’s implementation in East Java Province-Indonesia

Penulis: Annisa Ullya Rasyida, Iswari Hariastuti, Mardiyono, Iffah Udiana, Kuntoro, Haryono Suyono, Sri Widati


In order to control population growth, Indonesian National Family Planning develop Family Planning (KB) Village Program. The implementation has found some obstacles, in terms of cross sector/partnership integration reached around 25%. Especially in formal legal aspects and funding which are suboptimal. it is qualitative research with explorative studies. Data collected from in-depth interview, field observations and analysis. It was conducted in October – November 2017 in KB village of Bulu Meduro Village, Banjar District, Tuban Region and KB Village of Kota Lama Sub-District, Kedung Kandang District, Malang City. There were 55 participants recruited. The results showed that the implementation of the KB Village Program in Tuban Region had formal legal aspects from the Regional, District and Village Goverments, cross-sector partnership had been going well, the Regional Government to the Village Government have allocted budget to support it although limited. Whereas the implementation of the KB Village Program in Malang City has not received the support of a comprehensive formal legal aspetc yet from the level of the City, District and Subdistrict Governments, so that cross-sector integration and financial support still encounter many obstacles. The conclusion is the implementation of the KB Village program needs improvement with the stronger commitment or political will of policy makers at various levels ranging from the Regional Governmentto the Village Government to provide total support for each planned program.

Keyword: family planning village, cross-sector partnership, local government, formal legal aspects

Diterbitkan di: Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development 10(9):608

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