Factors Influencing Contraceptive Use among Reproductive- Age Women in East Java, Indonesia

Penulis: Afif Kurniawan, Diyah Herowati, Arief Wibowo


One of the key for family planning is contraceptive. According to the most recent Indonesian Demography and Health Survey, 2017, women in reproductive age in east java province have relatively high participate in using contraceptive methods compared to west java province and middle java province. This study examines factors that influencing contraceptive use in east java. Logistic regression was used to finding factors that influencing with contraceptive use. Data come from Indonesia Demography and Health Survey (IDHS) 2017, which limited on 5371 married women/living with partner in east java. The findings show that age, number of living children and education attainment are associated with contraceptive use.

Keyword: family planning; contraceptive; married woman

Diterbitkan di: Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, Volume 10 Issue 9

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