Kampung KB Sebagai Upaya Pemberdayaan Masyarakat/Keluarga di Jawa Timur (Studi di Kota Malang dan Kabupaten Bondowoso)

Penulis: Mardiyono


Kampung KB is designed as an effort to empower the community / family in the periphery to the management of family planning programs or other programs that are appropriate to the problems in the region. Its activities are managed on the basis of the principle of, by, and for society itself, as the ultimate goal of course the development of society itself. The government only stimulates and mentoring, the rest is the responsibility of the community itself to be more independent in the management of the program. With qualitative research approach method, the study is conducted by applying the operational research stages in order to evaluate the intervention of the success of Kampung KB program in Malang and Bondowoso. The purpose of this research is to improve the achievement of KKBPK program and other related programs in order to create quality small family. The results of the research is the success of the village is determined by the active role of the community in various levels, the need for program intervention, funds, facilities, infrastructure, IEC, advocacy and mobilization of SKPDKB and cross-sector with the target of collective and sustainable cultural movement, regarded as community initiative itself is not merely a government program. The role of the Regent / Mayor is very important with the Pokja Kampung KB Kabupaten / Kota team by involving the DPRD members sitting together to schedule the intervention program in the village of KB as well as to maintain the continuity of the program. Required assistance for KKBPK program implementation in field line and “Skill” training in other UPPKS and Poktan groups as well as provision of APBD funds in support of advocacy, IEC and mobilization in the kampong area of KB.

Keyword: Kampung KB, Family Empowerment

Diterbitkan di: Cakrawala Jurnal Litbang Kebijakan, Volume 11 No 2

Link Artikel/DOI: http://cakrawalajournal.org/index.php/cakrawala/article/view/13/1

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