Family Empowerment through Family Planning Village in Effort to Increase KKBPK and Related Programs in East Java (Studies in Bondowoso and Bangkalan)

Penulis: Mardiyono, Lely Hermini


The slow decline of fertility rates (TFR) and weakening the program of Population, Family Planning and Family Development (KKBPK) is happened at field level. It very need innovation program for KKBPK Program Strengthening year 2015-2019 to leverage target achievement and enlarge the scope of KKBPK at all level in East Java Province through Program of Family Planning Village. Family Planning Village was designed as community empowerment efforts of management program of family planning. These activities are managed based on principle from, with and for community itself, the end is the society development. Government only gives stimulation and mentoring, the rest is society responsibility. This study uses qualitative approach by applying the stages of operational research in order to evaluate the success of intervention program of Family Planning Village in Bondowoso and Bangkalan regency. The research purpose is to explain the KKBPK program achievement and other programs related to create high quality small family. The research results show that the success of Family Planning Village is largely determined by people’s active participation in various levels, programs intervention, funds, facilities, infrastructure, KIE, advocacy and mobilization of Local Apparatus Work Unit of Family Planning (SKPDKB) and across sectors with final target of culture movement collectively and continuously. Family Planning Village can be regarded as a public initiative, not just a government program. Regent has important role together Working Group of District/City by involving parliament members together to manage intervention program in Family Planning Village as well as to maintain program continuity. Assistance is needed to implement KKBPK program at field and “Skill” training for UPPKS group and other Poktan as well as budget provision to support of advocacy, KIE and mobilization in Family Planning Village region.

Keyword: Family Empowerment, Family Planning Village, KKBPK and Related Programs

Diterbitkan di: International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, Volume 6 Issue 5

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